Friday, July 12, 2013

Can't Even Make An Effin' Phone Call...

We're off on an adventure tomorrow.  We want a beach weekend, but hotels are expensive, so we've found ourselves a nifty little $20 hotel room.  It's called a tent. 

This is going to take some doing, so in order to bring all the necessities, we have to borrow my in-laws' truck.  My mother-in-law called to work out the details.  This is what she got:

"Hello?  Oh, hi, Ma.  GET DOWN FROM THERE!  YOU'RE GOING TO GET HURT!  Yeah, so we're trying to get all the stuff together.  Not sure what we'll need for just one night, but WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?  YOU NEED PANTS!  I mean, we were thinking about cooking, but it might just be easier to go to a restaurant and then do s'mores for the kids later....Yeah, I'm hoping for good weather.  It was supposed to rain yesterday, but it never did.  DUDE!  IF YOU WANT CHOCOLATE MILK, YOU WILL PUT YOUR PANTS ON!  How is everything with you?...There was something I was going to ask you, but I can't think of what it--GOOD JOB!  YOU PUT YOUR PANTS ON BY YOURSELF!  HERE'S YOUR CHOCOLATE MILK!  What was I talking about?  I keep losing my train of thought....The truck?  Right!  The truck.  Yeah, so if we could trade cars later this afternoon, that would be good so we can start getting packed--WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  DON'T DUMP YOUR CHOCOLATE MILK!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  What time would be good for you?..Uh, huh.  There was something else.  Something really important I was supposed to ask you about--WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?  GET DOWN OFF THE COUNTER!  YOU'RE STUCK?  OF COURSE YOU ARE.  BARE BUTT CHEEKS DON'T JUST SLIDE OFF THE COUNTER.  It was really important, whatever it was.  I should write stuff down, so I don't forget to GET OFF THE DOG!  Yeah, sorry.  I'll call you back when I remember.  Thank, Ma.  Talk to you late--DID YOU POOP?"  <click>

And then I remembered what I was going to ask.

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