Thursday, April 25, 2013

There's Always a Full Moon in Autism Land!

Holy effin' ess.  Holy.  Effin'. Ess.

Things have gotten especially weird here.  Just when we think we're making progress, the boy loses his effin' mind and is baying at the moon.  
Blame it on the moon.

The old problems are back.  Obsessing over a ratty shirt.  Not sleeping.  Getting clingy during therapy.  And now...bedwetting!  (He's been dry at night for over a year, and now this?!)

The boy didn't just wet any bed.  He wet our bed.  And he didn't just wet it--he hosed that mother down.  We're not sure how he did it, really.  So we moved him to his bed, changed the sheets, and went to sleep...for a few hours.  Then, at three o'clock this morning, he woke up raring to go, and demanded the damn Phineas and Ferb shirt.  Then he wanted cereal.  And juice.  And a video.  And when none of that satisfied him, he decided that everyone needed to be up with him.  So he jumped on his brother, turned on all the lights, and dumped chocolate milk on our newly-changed sheets.

He kept this up until it was time to leave for school.  Then he sat down on the toilet and peed all over the front of THE shirt.  So I made him change, which caused a hysterical scene of crying, screaming, and running shirtless out of the house.  I am the meanest mommy ever.

(I mainlined coffee all day at work.  I'm pretty sure nothing I said made any sense, but that's ok because I teach middle school, and they don't understand sense.) 

We arrived home from school, and were hit with the stench of piss and God-knows-what-else when we opened the door.  While vacuuming and febrezing madly, I noticed a brown stain on our long, gauzy curtains, and I knew the awful truth before I even took a sniff...

The boy had used our bedroom curtains to wipe his ass.

And that, Gentle Reader, is when I started to cry.  This time it was poop, and it was just too much.

I don't think it's just me or just my kid.  It seems that many of my ASD-parent friends (including all y'all I've met online) are reporting that their children, too, are going stark raving mad.  I mean, we're a resilient bunch, so if our kids are acting wacky enough to worry us, something is going on.

There is a full moon tonight.  Is there something to that?  Maybe things will calm down tomorrow and it'll be smooth sailing...until May 25th!


  1. Oh good God! Hang in there, hon!

  2. With Matthew, it was always bath towels and without fail I would find them wadded up underneath the sink in the bathroom!